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Health IT Issue Briefs and White Papers

Stoltenberg Consulting prides itself on innovation, providing new ideas and thought leadership within the healthcare IT industry. As examples of such thought leadership, we've provided industry best practices and analysis on topics including:

  • Eliminating IT fragmentation
  • Improving EHR performance
  • Guiding effective use of the HIT Help Desk
  • Assessing annual top priorities and obstacles of healthcare CIOs

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Issue Briefs and White PapersDescription
6th Annual Health IT Industry Outlook Report Health IT leaders identify their top business objectives, outsourcing goals and pain points for 2018
Efficient Transformation of the HIT Service Desk A health IT leader's guide to strategically evaluating IT service desk performance and outsourcing options
Eliminating IT Fragmentation to Achieve Patient Care and Financial Goals Five essential steps for enterprise-wide IT integration
Evaluating EHR System Performance Generating accurate EHR system performance and measurement