Stoltenberg's Veradigm (Allscripts) EHR Consulting Support

Veradigm (formerly Allscripts) connects both clinical and financial data across every setting – from the provider, to the hospital, to post-acute settings, and even the patient's home. As a leading healthcare IT company, our Veradigm/ Allscripts EHR consultants average over 15 years of experience, enabling deep understanding of the interdependencies of cross-application workflows and functionality for your hospital's specific needs. We strive to align Veradigm (Allscripts) consultant placements based on prior hospital IT consulting experience, module/certification expertise, organizational fit, and detail-oriented professionalism to ensure client project success, optimizing value from your Veradigm EHR system.

Veradigm (Allscripts) Consulting Support

Include but not limited to:

Ambulatory Care

Core Clinical Solutions

  • Ambulatory EHR
  • Veradigm Allscripts Professional EHR
  • Altera TouchWorks (formerly Allscripts TouchWorks)
  • Altera Paragon (formerly Allscripts Paragon)
  • Allscripts Prenatal
  • Allscripts Remote
  • Allscripts Wand
  • Electronic Prescibing
  • Document Management
  • Medication Services

Veradigm Analytics and Insights Solutions

  • Allscripts Practice Performance
  • Clinical Quality Solution

Core Financial Solutions

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Allscripts PM
  • Allscripts Payerpath
  • Allscripts Revenue Cycle Management Services

Patient Engagement Solutions

  • Allscripts Patient Portal
  • Allscripts Patient Kiosk

Hospital and Health System

Core Clinical Solutions

  • Altera Sunrise (formerly Allscripts Sunrise)
  • Sunrise Acute Care EHR
  • Sunrise Ambulatory Care
  • Sunrise Mobile MD II
  • Sunrise Surgery
  • Sunrise Emergency Care
  • ED
  • Sunrise Laboratory
  • Sunrise Pharmacy
  • CPOE
  • ePrescribing (Prescription Writer)
  • Knowledge-Based Medication Administration
  • Sunrise Radiology and Sunrise PACS
  • Sunrise Record Manager
  • Sunrise Critical Care
  • Sunrise Tracking Board
  • Sunrise InfoButton
  • Evidence-Based Order Sets
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines

Care Coordination

  • Allscripts Care Management
  • Allscripts Care Director

Post-acute Care Organization

  • Allscripts Homecare
  • Allscripts Homecare Mobile
  • Allscripts Referral Management

Analytics and Performance Solutions

  • Allscripts Patient Flow
  • Allscripts EPSi
  • Allscripts Clinical Performance Management

Healthcare Community

  • Allscripts Community Health Platform
  • Allscripts Community Record
  • Allscripts Community Kinexus
  • Allscripts Community Advancement
  • Allscripts Community Identity

Elevate The Veradigm (Allscripts) User Experience

Elevate The Veradigm (Allscripts) User Experience

To learn how Stoltenberg's Veradigm (Allscripts) Practice can help curb clinician EHR fatigue, or to strategize your IT roadmap forward, contact our executive team today.