3x Best in KLAS Healthcare IT Tier 1+ Help Desk Support

Curb IT Spending and EHR End-User Burnout

Transform your current costly traditional ticket-taking support desk into an EHR-centric Tier 1+ Help Desk. Gain effective, full resolution of clinical and financial system requests and application support needs — all while enhancing the end-user experience and education across your healthcare organization. Build end-user trust and buy-in for future health IT initiatives, while alleviating competing projects from your overburdened internal IT team.

Partner with Stoltenberg's 3x Best in KLAS Tier 1+ Help Desk with optional Tier 2 and Tier 3 support. With the capability to directly shadow an end user, our service desk team delivers one-on-one support supplementing client training for proper application use.

Through our thorough hospital management system software for interfaces, job scheduler, error queues and more, gain ease of mind, as we proactively investigate and handle vendor support issues before your organization or end users ever experience any related concerns. Our completely U.S. based team of agents delivers reliable around-the-clock support, so no clinician is left behind. Each end-user interaction centers on empathetic communication, careful listening, thorough ticketing and documentation, and complete resolution with customized how-to instruction sets. We take each ticket seriously with professionalism and promptness, focusing on eliminating end-user confusion, repeat errors, and EHR burnout.

Gain True EHR and Technical Support First-Call Resolution

Whether moving through an EHR transition, working on Epic new version upgrades, or supporting ongoing end-user needs, is your Epic help desk really helping?

Whether a current Oracle Cerner client or newly transitioning to Cerner Millennium, our Oracle Cerner Service Desk can support your growing organization at any stage.

As a current MEDITECH client or one moving to MEDITECH Expanse, turn to our MEDITECH Service Desk to optimize your end users' EHR experience.

Transform The Outdated Traditional Healthcare IT Help Desk. Secure Industry Leading IT Support Service Level Agreements

  • Dependable 24/7 support with customizable support options for nights and weekends or around-the-clock agent coverage
  • Focus on complete issue resolution, not just ticket taking
  • An average of 80% or higher Tier 1+ first-call resolution
  • 3% or lower call abandon rate
  • Specific EHR system expertise and support
  • One-on-one shadowing for end-user training and quick resolution
  • Monitoring services for interfaces, job scheduler, job queues and more
  • Optional full application portfolio support
  • Daily, weekly and quarterly management reports
  • Full performance transparency with real-time data analytics powered by Dimensional Insight
  • Effective issue trend identification and resolution
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Telehealth platform support for both patient onboarding and ongoing user education and assistance, including patient portal integration
  • Guarantee against offshoring or nearshoring
  • ITIL certified Tier 1+ service desk leadership and processes
  • Physicians-only concierge line to eliminate patient care delays
  • Optional Tier 2 and Tier 3 support through FlexSourcing for customized IT staffing needs
  • Remote user access set up and support
  • End-user technical support and resolution
  • Specific EHR system (Epic, Cerner and MEDITECH) analyst expertise and support
  • One-on-one provider sessions to address all clinician EHR special requests or education needs
  • Go-Live Call Command Center for new EHR system or application transition, newly acquired facility add-ons (M&A expansion support), or EHR new version upgrades
  • Patient portal support for both patients and providers
  • Self-service ticket portal support
  • Industry-leading SLA performance
  • Dedicated quality assurance and training leads

Visualize IT Support Data Insights

See how the FlexView service desk dashboard, powered by Dimensional Insight's 2021 Best in KLAS healthcare data analytics platform, captures, analyzes and reports real-time IT support data insights. Learn how to proactively address EHR and application utilization issues across your growing health system.

See honest feedback from Tier 1+ help desk current clients below:

"I just wanted to send along some positive feedback on Stephen A's tickets. He is so diligent and gives great detail in all of the tickets he opens. It makes our work so much easier. He definitely deserves some praise! Thanks for providing such great work!"

- CTC Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer

"We use Stoltenberg Consulting's help desk, and that has worked out really well. I don't have the staffing I need to support the things that Stoltenberg Consulting does for me. They act as my interface analyst and report writer, and they fill many other roles. They are flexible and responsive, and they give us everything that we need."

- Director/Physician
Collected regarding Partial IT Outsourcing
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"The people at the Stoltenberg help desk try their best to be part of our team. If something is not working right or if they have questions, they are proactive about asking questions and ensuring that they get the direction they need in order to address our tickets. They are always trying to improve the process."

- IT Manager
Collected regarding Partial IT Outsourcing
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"Thanks so much for your time, Caitlin. You were VERY patient with me and explained everything thoroughly. I started plugging away at my templates today and had no problems thanks to your training. I've passed your name along to one of my colleagues who is looking to start the same process. Thanks again for your expertise."

- Doctor of Podiatric Medicine feedback regarding one-on-one Provider Session support

During the Provider Session, Epic Clinical Service Desk Analyst Caitlin K. helped a physician whose group practice was converting to Epic EHR as part of a client health system's expansion. Caitlin helped the physician transition progress note templates into Epic and set up SmartPhrases and SmartLinks for personal customizations to ease new system utilization.

Find Out How to Trim IT Support Costs Today

Trim IT Support Costs Today

To learn how the 3x Best in KLAS Tier 1+ Service Desk can drive down issue tickets, or to hear directly from a current health system client utilizing the program, contact our executive team today.