Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Consulting

Stoltenberg offers a complete array of healthcare revenue cycle management consulting services. Gain a full complement of implementation support for the selection, design, build, education and full migration of your newly selected revenue cycle system while supporting your legacy systems with 3x Best in KLAS service. In conjunction with a new system or as a separate project, we can perform a complete end-to-end business office transformation that includes all related revenue cycle workflow and processes.

See the Difference With Customized Healthcare Revenue Cycle Consulting Services

Ensure your RCM success with healthcare revenue cycle consulting services that begin with a detailed assessment of your current workflow and design. Hold peace of mind with a partner who facilitates a meaningful combination of people, processes and technology for a seamless, unified design to fully support your healthcare delivery model while ensuring patient satisfaction. We take your current workflow and staff bandwidth into account to determine the industry standards and best practices that will be the most effective and easily deployable within your organization's operational environment.

Maximize ROI With the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Checkup

With competing pressures from CMS and new payer requirements, healthcare business offices are left with little time to focus on ways to increase cash flow and optimize the revenue cycle management process. To gain a financial advantage, turn to the Revenue Cycle Checkup to ensure improved processes for charge capture, claim generation, denial reduction, and shorter payment cycles.

As proof of recent client success, just 30 days into implementing Revenue Cycle Checkup recommendations, hospitals saw a 50% increase in cash flow with a 25% drop in Days in A/R due to streamlined workflow and improved processes.

Increase Hospital
Cash Flow by 50%

Increase Hospital
Cash Flow by 50%

See how to drop days in A/R and boost hospital revenue through clean claims processes. Initiate your 12-point Revenue Cycle Checkup now.

Trust Thorough Consulting Experts

Our healthcare IT consultants perform detailed qualitative analysis to identify and pinpoint the root causes of barriers to your productivity. Using their extensive healthcare finance background and industry experience, they acclimate and effectively communicate with your team, providing meaningful insights for your design- one that will improve and streamline present workflow and internal processes.

With Stoltenberg, build stronger values for key performance indicators (KPIs) to increase revenue, decrease costs, accelerate cash flow and show improvements in financial margins. Seamlessly blend interdepartmental work coordination for greater patient satisfaction while showing a more effective use of your internal resources.