Stoltenberg's NextGen Consulting Support & IT Services

Stoltenberg's NextGen consultants have long recognized the importance of a strong partnership with our clients during a major system implementation. Our focus is on providing top NextGen talent with experience in all phases of a NextGen implementation from re-engineering through optimization. The NextGen Healthcare Consultant Practice is comprised of certified professionals (NCPs) with an average of 5 years of experience and an understanding of the interdependencies of cross application workflows, functionality, template editing and version migration. We continue to strive to align NextGen consultant placements based on prior healthcare provider experience and detail-oriented professionalism to ensure the success of our clients' project efforts.

Whatever your NextGen consulting needs, from NextGen Practice Management to NextGen Financials, our team of analysts are ready with a diligent focus on data quality, accurate and standard documentation, and optimized workflow to prevent clinical care delays, EHR end-user burnout and claims denials. See below for a summary of NextGen system support and application capabilities to help alleviate your overburdened staff.

NextGen Applications

  • NextGen Ambulatory EHR
  • NextGen Ambulatory Practice Management (PM)
  • NextGen Image Control System (ICS)
  • NextGen Template Editor
  • NextGen Population Health and Analytics Solutions
  • NextGen Clinicals
    • Emergency Department
    • Surgical Management
    • Orders Management
    • Clinical Data Repository
    • Clinical Documentation
    • Pharmacy
    • CPOE
  • NextGen Financials and Revenue Cycle Management
    • Enterprise Scheduling
    • Patient Registration
    • Materials Management
    • Patient Accounting
    • Charge Capture
  • NextGen Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • NextGen Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • NextGen Health Quality Measures
  • NextGen Patient Portal
  • NextGen Mobile Solutions

NextGen Consulting Services

Include but not limited to:

Elevate The NextGen User Experience

Elevate The NextGen User Experience

To learn how Stoltenberg's NextGen Practice can help curb clinician EHR fatigue, or to strategize your IT roadmap forward, contact our executive team today.