Healthcare IT Managed Services & Legacy Support

Healthcare IT Managed Services Application or System Support

Supporting the Epic, Cerner Millennium and Cerner Soarian EHR suites, along with a span of 200+ ancillary applications, Stoltenberg's Healthcare IT Managed Services team of both financial and clinical certified analysts seamlessly absorbs application support responsibilities – from daily maintenance, troubleshooting and ticket resolution, to upgrade support. Paired with a highly experienced Managed Services partnership management team, gain peace of mind from 3x Best in KLAS reliable, transparent SLA contracting that ensures continuous, more cost-effective support for end users across your health system's continuum of care.

"What stands out with Stoltenberg resources is that they are able to flex with our ever-changing needs and effectively support our business partners. The ability to have communication with Stoltenberg leadership has been effective. We've gotten the most value from Stoltenberg's

  • Consistent reliable resources for the duration of the engagement;
  • Ability to decrease support and associated costs as hospitals move off Soarian; and
  • Ability to quickly acquire expert resources to meet other needs for the organization."

– Current Soarian Managed Services Client, IT Group Manager

"Based on the newest metric reporting, a lot of progress has been made. Appreciate you taking the time to find creative ways to meet our business needs in a more efficient manner. This all takes dedication and diligence that the team has exhibited. The collaboration has proven successful. Please let the team know that their work is appreciated each and every day. We are on a good path forward."

– Current Soarian Managed Services Client, IT Services Director

Healthcare IT Legacy Support

Stoltenberg's Health IT Legacy Support can be provided on-site and/or remotely. As clients migrate to new EHRs, revenue applications or ancillary systems, this service focuses on providing the same, and in many times, enhanced service levels that end users have experienced with the organization's internal staff. The goal of this support is to allow the internal staff to exclusively participate with new applications. With this health IT outsourcing, internal staff is not encumbered with supporting legacy application(s), but allowed to focus on the delivery of quality of service, while the maintenance of the overall budget continues.

Answer Your Legacy System Outsourcing Questions

Answer Your Legacy System Outsourcing Questions

Looking to cost-effectively offset your internal IT team's application support burden without hindering support quality? See answers to the top 10 hospital CIO questions for initiating an EHR system legacy support contract.

IT Tier 1+ Service Desk Line

The Tier 1+ Service Desk Line addresses IT problems quickly and effectively, freeing internal IT staff to focus on current implementation projects instead. The Tier 1+ Service Desk Line operates 24/7, 365 days a year with the ability to shadow users for one-on-one user training and fast issue resolution. Before launching a client's Tier 1+ Service Desk, an in-depth evaluation of service needs runs to create customized solutions and a strategic roadmap for each and every healthcare organization. This helps to align communication, productivity and sense of commonality throughout each organization and beyond simply implementation needs.

The Tier 1+ Service Desk Line provides Tier 1+ and optional Tier 2 support to our clients. Tier 1+ services consist of any issue that requires minimal build activities. These activities do not require deep operational analysis and resolutions have no downstream effects on the system(s) being supported. Examples of Tier 1+ services include password resets for the supported applications, as well as active directory.

Other healthcare managed IT services or service desk support includes the monitoring of interface engines, job schedulers, SIEV, and EDM job queues. Through our monitoring services, we are able (in many cases) to initiate a trouble ticket with the vendor prior to the client or end users noticing that an issue exists. With the ability to shadow end users, our service team provides one-on-one support to explain proper steps to accomplish a function if we detect there is end-user error, not an application error.

Gain Peace of Mind

Gain Peace of Mind

Trust the 3x Best in KLAS firm for all your Legacy Application Support or Managed Services needs. Free up your internal staff for priority projects while maintaining dependable end-user support.