Developed for Invision RCO customers who are decommissioning their system. I-Archive is a Web-based, intranet, application that can display and print Invision Patient Accounting (PA) detail, episodes of patient care and census history data. I-Archive allows you to view patient data and run customized reports with the same look and feel as Invision, easing the training burden.

I-Archive's Benefits

  • Customer-service staff can generate reports and access patient data in read-only mode, eliminating the need to engage Invision.

  • As a web-browser application it offers instant access from anywhere on the intranet. New, dedicated workstations are not required.

  • Account-number inquiries take less than a second to execute and provide quick access to historical data.

  • Health Information Management departments can use displayed episode histories to validate and locate medical records.

  • Patient-billing history requests and Medicare audits can be quickly and easily completed.

I-Archive solves the problem of where to archive historical data while you transition to a new system, allowing customers to avoid the substantial fees typically spent on Invision RCO and PA Archive. For more information about I-Archive consulting, contact us.