Health IT Analytics Consulting

Stoltenberg helps mold organizations to succeed in today's healthcare landscape with direct experience improving key performance metrics while supporting organizations' infrastructures to drive cultural changes.

Stoltenberg's smart health IT analytics can provide valuable insight and progress across your organization.

Clinical Effectiveness

Increasing clinical effectiveness and member/patient satisfaction, Stoltenberg's insight can:

  • Improve clinical quality of care
  • Improve patient safety and reduce medical error
  • Improve wellness, prevention and disease management
  • Understand physician profiles and clinical performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention

Operational Effectiveness

Affecting operational effectiveness, Stoltenberg's analytics insight can:

  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency
  • Optimize catchment areas and network management
  • Improve pay for performance and accountability
  • Increase operating speed and adaptability

Benefitting Performance

Benefitting financial and administrative performance, Stoltenberg's healthcare data analytics services can:

  • Increase revenue and ROI
  • Improve utilization
  • Optimize supply chain and human capital management
  • Improve risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Reduce fraud and abuse

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Visualize IT Support Data Insights

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