HIT Implementation and Go-Live Support

To assist your organization's IT implementation, Stoltenberg's healthcare IT consulting offers full training and support solutions. Alleviating the daunting pressures of go-live training and preparing your entire fleet of end users, we can create training material, manage the process and provide needed scheduling and support to make sure you're ready for go-live. Whether your staff needs comprehensive, end-to-end novice education or more efficient training for those more skilled, we work with you to develop a go-live training and support program specific to your organization's needs.

Stoltenberg can provide leadership and resources highly experienced in taking on the pressures of new system test runs and go-live training, whether through big-bang or phased approach, even supporting optimization needs with implementation. Our vendor and application-specific resources provide at-elbow support with engaging training to make sure your staff is comfortable, knowledgeable and supportive throughout and after system transition. Thorough training and go-live support ensures stronger communication and end user satisfaction/support post implementation across the entire continuum of care.

We help with:

  • Training Material Development
  • Scheduling
  • Device/hardware Assessment
  • Practice Go-Live
  • Full-fledged Go-Live Support
  • Super User Training
  • End User Training