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Seamlessly Navigate IT
End Users Through
Organizational Change
And Mission Critical Events

Seamlessly Navigate IT
End Users Through
Organizational Change
And Mission Critical Events

FlexSourcing: 3x Best in KLAS Healthcare IT Services & Staffing Support

On-Demand IT Outsourcing Support to Drive Down IT Tickets Over Time

Through proactive analytics, FlexSourcing's on-demand healthcare IT support and staffing seamlessly navigates hospitals through mission critical events, like EHR system implementation or conversion, new version upgrades, and system consolidation from M&A activity, delivering true IT outsourcing flexibility and lasting ROI.

FlexSourcing is an innovative multi-tiered service that flexes up and down to meet changes in hospitals' healthcare IT systems, staff volume, and skill mix for IT projects and operational needs. Named 3x Best in KLAS for Partial IT Outsourcing, FlexSourcing tailors hospital IT staffing support to each healthcare client. With dynamic personalized support, specific EHR system expertise, ITIL methodology, and built-in data analytics insights powered by 2021 Best in KLAS Dimensional Insight, the program drives year-over-year cost savings within a hospital's ever-changing IT environment. With FlexSourcing, gain dependable, smooth healthcare IT support, trim wasted IT expenses, increase physician satisfaction, and eliminate care delays.

Stoltenberg Consulting's FlexSourcing extends beyond traditional managed services to include completely U.S.-based Tier 1+ service desk support; Tier 2 remote break/fix, build and training support; and Tier 3 premium on-site application consulting expertise. During IT mission critical events or special projects, hospitals need varying levels and depth of support. With FlexSourcing healthcare IT services, organizations can use Tier 1+, Tier 2 and Tier 3 support—scaled to the length of time and support level truly needed.

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What Differentiates FlexSourcing

Tier 2 and 3 Service Credit Program for true IT support contract ROI
1:1 provider sessions to address all clinician EHR special requests or education needs
IT support desk EHR break/fix and reporting capability. No escalation required
Physician only concierge line for priority response to eliminate clinical care delays
Go-live call command center for new system transition or EHR new version upgrades

Within FlexSourcing's Tier 1+ support, the service desk is geared toward effective 80% or higher first-call resolution and VIP treatment for physician requests— all done correctly the first time. We emphasize ticket resolution, not just ticket documentation. Best practices for incident management, escalation procedures, problem resolution, alerts and notifications set the stage for more meaningful end-user experiences. This translates to vendor transparency, proven ROI and a proactive picture of cross-organization EHR utilization.

With FlexSourcing from Stoltenberg, your organization will experience:
  • Improved first-call resolution rates to 80% or above
  • Increased productivity for clinicians, internal IT staff and administrators
  • Operational continuity
  • Eliminated care delays and disruption
  • Improved patient and staff satisfaction
  • Maximized clinician satisfaction
  • Physician concierge line capability
  • On-time, on-budget IT projects

Find Out How to Trim IT Support Costs Today

Trim IT Support Costs Today

To learn how FlexSourcing can streamline your IT staffing needs, or to hear directly from a current health system client utilizing the program, contact our executive team today.