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Cut Epic IT Spending and Issue Resolution Time

Whether moving through an EHR transition, working on Epic new version upgrades, or supporting ongoing end-user needs, is your Epic help desk really helping?

Today's IT departments are pressured by competing projects, budgetary concerns, high turnover and staff burnout, along with an industry-wide lack of qualified IT staffing. Stoltenberg Consulting's Epic Tier 1+ Service Desk Line is the go-to solution, offering all-inclusive packaging or customized support specifically catered to your organization's budget, IT landscape and end-user needs. Whether for select facilities or across your entire health system — nights and weekends or around-the-clock support — our Epic Service Desk is here with flexibility as IT demands and user expectations change.

Named 3x Best in KLAS for Partial IT Outsourcing, Stoltenberg's Epic Tier 1+ Service Desk provides Tier 1+ and optional Tier 2 and 3 support for healthcare organizations. Our extensive knowledge and expertise aids with quick but thorough first-call resolution, Epic system knowledge transfer and workflow optimization throughout the Epic suite of applications.

Best in KLAS
Efficient Epic IT Help Desk Support

Unlike traditional IT outsourcing options or internal staff performance where the first-call resolution rate average is 50%, Stoltenberg guarantees 75% or higher first-call resolution, driven by specific Epic expertise and critical event experience to anticipate user needs and solve ticket issues quicker. While this is our baseline guarantee, our clients typically see 84% or higher FCR to eliminate clinical care delays and optimize the user experience — whether for operational staff, clinician or patient users.

3x Best in KLAS
Named 3x Best in KLAS for Partial IT Outsourcing (PITO) support
1 to 1 Provider Sessions
1:1 provider sessions to address all clinician EHR special requests or education needs
IT Support Desk
IT support desk EHR break/fix and reporting capability. No escalation required
Physician only conciege line
Physician only concierge line for priority response to eliminate clinical care delays
Go-live Call Command Center
Go-live call command center for new system transition or EHR new version upgrades

Stoltenberg founded in 1995
Stoltenberg Consulting was founded in 1995 and has supported Epic clients for more than 17 years
84% of Service Desk requests resolved
84% or more of Service Desk requests are resolved on the first call
Resolved 6800+ calls per month
Resolved an average of 6,800+ calls per month for all Epic clients
24/7x365 Support
24/7x365 support, or just nights and weekends, during weather emergencies, all based on you needs
Average wait time less than 10 seconds
Average requester wait time is less than 10 seconds, with only less than 3% call abandon rate

Tier 1+ Support

  • Remote User Set Up
  • System Access Requests
  • End-User Password Resets
  • End-User Security Template Change
  • End-User Assistance On Workflow Related Issues Not Requiring System Build
  • Override/Overrule Adjustments
  • Scheduling Template Adjustments
  • Front-End Changes
    • Department Appointment Report (DAR)
    • Preference Lists
    • Smart Text Lists
    • Navigators
    • Assessment Flow Sheets
  • MyChart Patient Portal Support
    • Both Clinician and Patient Support
  • End-User Training For Function Based Inquiries
    • In Basket Functions
      • Results In Basket Messages
    • Telephone Encounters
    • Refill Encounters
    • Creating Encounters
    • Order Entry
    • Verifying User Logged Into Correct Department
    • Adding User To Pools
    • Navigating The Navigator
    • Ambulatory Flow Sheets
    • Creating Personalized Schedule
    • Adding To A User's Preference List
    • Creating Favorites
    • Creating Smart Phrases
    • How To Use Smart Text

Optional Tier 2 and 3 Support

  • EpicCare IP Orders
  • Ambulatory
  • ADT/Prelude
  • Claims
  • Radiant
  • OpTime
  • ClinDoc
  • Cadence
  • Resolute HB and PB
  • HIM
  • ASAP
  • EpicCare IP Orders
  • Ambulatory
  • ADT/Prelude
  • Claims
  • Radiant
  • OpTime
  • ClinDoc
  • Cadence
  • Resolute HB and PB
  • HIM
  • ASAP

While adhering to agreed upon change control processes, our Tier 2 and 3 support covers the system entry, application assignment, and/or immediate resolution for all Master File builds, as well as Advanced Build support requiring Epic Certifications.

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