Content Uplift and Resolution Engagement

The CURE for Managing Maintenance Costs

Is maintaining your customized EHR content taking up too much of your department's resources, time and budget?

Is budgeting for maintaining your customized EHR content becoming an impossible nightmare?

Are you challenged with unexpected costs associated with implementing major/minor software upgrades?

Are you forced to apply additional resources and costs to restore customizations quickly?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Stoltenberg's EHR consulting has the CURE for managing your maintenance costs!


Benefits of CURE

  • Provides a cost-effective tool to ensure customized content continues to work as designed

  • Using a fixed fee approach allows for accurate budgeting of associated maintenance cost without overruns

  • Full-time resources are free to focus on enhancing your EHR, while having the confidence that end users are taken care of

Our Content Uplift and Resolution Engagement (CURE) Program was designed to take the overwhelming cost and time requirements of keeping your customized EHR content working correctly for day-to-day issues and ensure the content you have developed continues to work after a major EHR software upgrade.

CURE addresses these issues

Content covered by CURE

  • Order Sets
    • Optional service available ensuring order set content stays up-to-date with evidence based best practices.
  • Reports
  • Workflows