Consultant Development Program

Stoltenberg Training

Along with the meticulous and competitive selection process, Stoltenberg's proprietary healthcare IT training program is the differentiating factor in our Consultant Development Program. This internally developed program takes the combined knowledge of our Senior Consultants and facilitates the knowledge transfer to the next generation of healthcare IT professionals.

Our program has four major categories:

Application Training

Training combines HIT vendor training as a foundation and Stoltenberg's advanced training program. By utilizing Stoltenberg's multiple vendor partnerships, our Consultant I members have access to the same training that an organization's full-time analyst would have. Pairing that with our advanced training allows us to decrease the time it takes for our Consultant I members to be a contributing member of a project team.

Project Management Principles

It is important for any healthcare IT consultant to understand the principles of project management. Not every analyst desires to be a project manager, but every analyst will find themselves as a member of a project team. The project management portion of our training program, developed by our Senior Project Managers, ensures our Consultant I members understand how a project works and how each member of the project team fits into the project.

Hospital Workflows

For any healthcare IT professional, it is imperative they understand how information flows through a hospital. Silo-ed approach to healthcare IT is disappearing. Today's environment requires that all data collected be interconnected so the organization is capable of seeing the big picture. Stoltenberg's training program ensures our Consultant I members understand how data is interconnected and how that data typically flows through and healthcare organization.

Industry Standards and Principles

Stoltenberg's best practices have been refined over almost two decades. This experience and knowledge is extremely important to our clients because they can take advantage and benefit from our expertise. For this reason, we felt it is extremely important to ensure these best practices are passed on to our Consultant I members, decreasing the learning curve that historically only experience could provide.

Initiate Your Health IT Career

Jumpstart your health IT career today. Gain a competitive edge in HIT with a combination of vendor EHR training and direct hospital experience.