Consultant Development Program

HIT Professionals Mentoring Program

With over 360 combined years of industry experience, our healthcare IT consultants play a significant role in mentoring young HIT professionals through the Consultant Development Program. Through mentorships and our Consultant Development Program, experience and knowledge are transferred to our Consultant I analysts decreasing their learning curve and helping them become valued members of project teams.

As mentors with our healthcare IT consulting firm, our Senior Consultants have said the following about our Consultant I analysts:

"They have taken everything I've shown them and run with it like true professionals. They will be, and already are, huge assets to the company. Stoltenberg did an amazing job handpicking all of the Consultant I analysts for the program. I believe that the Consultant Development Program doesn't just provide a mentor for training them in the software, but it also provides a friend to help them prepare for the harsh world of consulting whatever their need may be."

- Brandon, Stoltenberg Consulting Senior Consultant

"I have worked side-by-side with a Consultant I analyst. I provided answers and directions to any questions she has had, but most of what she is learning has been by doing and watching herself. She has become an expert in security, but truly has learned that herself by working daily in security and testing changes. She is self-motivated and very detailed-oriented, serving as a wonderful addition to the Stoltenberg team."

- Stoltenberg Consulting Senior Consultant

Initiate Your Health IT Career

Initiate Your Health IT Career

Jumpstart your health IT career today. Gain a competitive edge in HIT with a combination of vendor EHR training and direct hospital experience.