Consultant Development Program

College Graduate in Healthcare Program

Stoltenberg Consulting has always had a passion for healthcare IT solutions. Because of that, we feel developing the next generation of healthcare IT professionals is one of our missions. The Consultant Development Program was created for this reason. Working with colleges who have created healthcare IT and healthcare business degree programs, we identify strong candidates who have performed well in these programs and graduated at the top of their class. Utilizing the foundation created by these college programs, Stoltenberg trains and mentors our Consultant I analysts in their specific application areas allowing them to contribute to our project teams quickly.

Stoltenberg Consulting feels it is important to partner with colleges that consistently deliver highly trained, professional and motivated graduates. Examples of such partnerships are Ohio Northern University's Pharmaceutical Business program and University of Pittsburgh's Health Information Management program. Consultant I analysts graduating from these two programs have experienced a near 100% success rate.

Ohio Northern University
University of Pittsburgh

Our innovative Consultant Development Program has provided mutually beneficial relationships with Ohio Northern University and the University of Pittsburgh. Students accepted into the Stoltenberg Consultant Development Program from these universities have displayed professionalism, dedication, problem solving, and passion towards our clients as they gain hands-on industry experience in a healthcare IT career. We look forward to continuing these relationships, as well as creating new opportunities with other business and health information management programs.

"Stoltenberg's Consultant Development Program offers new graduates an excellent opportunity to enter the health IT world with the tools and support that make a difference! Rather than the mass-recruiting and 'sink-or-swim' dynamic that is prevalent in other jobs available to new graduates, the Consultant Development Program engages with each person, getting to know them as individuals and identifying their strengths as well as areas that need improvement. Using this information, Stoltenberg works hard to match training, mentors and first client assignments with the new graduate to help them successfully grow their career. It's a Win-Win for Stoltenberg, their clients and the new graduate."

-Rebecca, MPM, RHIA
Educator, Academic Consultant
University of Pittsburgh HIM Program

Please see the following link to learn more about the Stoltenberg-ONU relationship:

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Initiate Your Health IT Career

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