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Healthcare reform requires leaders to improve access to care and increase the quality and safety of care, while decreasing the cost associated with the delivery of care. The vessel that will guide organizations down that path is an efficient EHR system that holds end user support and effective use to deliver safe care across the continuum. That said, many organizations think that once they go live with their EHRs, work has ended. In fact, it proves to be the total opposite; it's only the beginning.

Organizations are setting unrealistic goals that inevitably result in a rushed EHR implementation plan, not allowing time to focus on the quality of the system they are implementing. Their rationale for such rapid implementations can range from organizational objectives and governmental reimbursement target dates to resources and monetary constraints. Whatever the reason, this creates a huge need for Stoltenberg to help and assist organizations as they optimize their systems to run more efficiently. With Stoltenberg's clinical optimization, an organization's transition of dissatisfied end users into content, knowledgeable end users benefits both the individuals and the overall organization.

See 5 Steps for Driving Clinical Optimization

See 5 Steps for Driving Clinical Optimization

Access this quick overview to see five components of building meaningful clinical optimization processes within a hospital to boost patient outcomes and curb physician EHR fatigue.

Clinical Assessment

For this situation, Stoltenberg can perform a clinical assessment to identify opportunities to help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization's EHR system. This clinical assessment includes a four-phased approach:

  • Phase I: Planning and discovery
  • Phase II: Solution development
  • Phase III: Implementation
  • Phase IV: Sustainability

We recommend this approach to clinical optimization, so clients define and drive projects based on organizational goals, resources and timeframes. The flexibility of this approach allows clients to choose which phase they want to implement and avoids out-of-the-box solutions that do not fit their organizational goals. Stoltenberg understands that all organizations are not the same. Therefore, we recognize the need for flexibility and customer-focused approaches to EHR clinical optimization.

Phase I includes the assessment and solution identification steps. Phase II includes completion of the solutions development activities, as well as the implementation of the solutions in a limited number of facilities as a pilot. Phase III includes an organization-wide implementation of solutions, post-implementation assessment, and project close out. Phase IV includes a sustainability plan to ensure long-term success.

One critical success factor in any optimization effort is the need for governance. We have defined our methodology to ensure that the appropriate governance structure is in place, not only to ensure project success, but also to provide organizations with a structure that allows them to maintain and improve clinical documentation efforts well beyond this project. We will specifically call out the activities and deliverables throughout the proposed approach that will define and implement this structure.


Major benefits that are accomplished with this clinical assessment include the following:

  • Improved quality, safety of care for patients and families
  • Standardization across the organization
  • Standardization across the care teams
  • Improved clinical and provider adoption
  • Improved documentation compliance
  • Increased end user satisfaction
  • Eliminated waste with efficient workflows
  • SME input in how the system should work from an end user perspective
  • Improved clinical and financial outcomes
  • Complete system utilization
  • Minimized alerts and reminders to decrease alert fatigue

Stoltenberg's optimization approach provides organizations with targeted clinical documentation improvements leveraging our methodology, which includes defining clients' overall strategy and effective governance and using lean principles to drive measureable improvements at pilot site(s) while continuing at other locations as defined by scope.

Establish Your Clinical Optimization Roadmap Today

Establish Your Clinical Optimization Roadmap Today

Set up a clinical optimization program for continuous improvement to aid value-based care documentation, informed care decision making, and physician IT satisfaction. Contact our executive team today.