Stoltenberg's Cerner Consulting Practice

Cerner's proven technologies align systems with people, allowing flow of pertinent information and patient engagement. With certified Cerner consulting professionals encompassing complete financial, IT management and consulting services, we help healthcare organizations increase quality of care while reducing costs.

Our Cerner clinical and financial consultants average over 15 years of experience in health IT, so we understand the interdependencies of cross application workflows and functionality. We continue to strive to align HIT consultant placements based on prior hospital experience and detail-oriented professionalism to ensure the success of our clients' project efforts.

Stoltenberg has supported Cerner solutions for more than 12 years at dozens of healthcare organizations from small community hospitals to large organizations including HealthSouth's Cerner pilot project. Stoltenberg has supported Siemens solutions for 20 years, making us the ideal Cerner consulting partners for organizations that use both vendors' applications following Cerner's acquisition of Siemens. Stoltenberg was the first approved Soarian consultant partner for Soarian Clinicals and remains a strong partner for Soarian Financials and Clinicals.

We cover each step of your journey including pre-implementation advisory work, legacy application support, project management, on-site implementation work, and clinical and healthcare revenue cycle optimizations.

Jumpstart Your Cerner Support Service Desk

Whether a current Cerner client or newly transitioning to Cerner Millennium, our Cerner Service Desk can support your growing organization at any stage. See how to consolidate operational support costs and eliminate ticket resolution delay.

Cerner Consulting Services

Include but not limited to:

Stoltenberg's Cerner consultants provide support for the following solutions:


  • Millenium Suite
  • CareNet
  • Clinical Reporting
  • CVNet
  • FirstNet
  • INet
  • ProFit
  • PathNet
  • PharmNet
  • PowerChart/PowerChart Office
  • RadNet
  • SurgiNet
  • Open Engine
  • CCL
  • CPOE and Medication
  • Care Aware
  • ERM
  • IView
  • Message Center
  • PowerOrders
  • PowerNote
  • PowerPlans
  • PowerVision
  • PPID
  • Scheduling
  • Discern Experts
  • Discern Rules


  • Financials
  • Soarian Scheduling
  • Clinical Access-Results Repository
  • Common Clinicals
  • Clinical Team
  • Physician Team-CPOE
  • Adaptability Tool
  • OMS
  • Workflow Engine


  • Patient Management
  • Patient Accounting
  • Net Access / OAS / OAS Gold
  • EAD/LCR/COR Application Services
  • Order Processing
  • Clinical Documentation
  • CPOE/POE Starter Set
  • Ad Hoc Reporting


  • Radiology Management / Syngo
  • Openlink Level I and II
  • Siemens Pharmacy
  • Medication Administration Checking
  • Rules Engine
  • Signature
  • Zynx Order Set Integration

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Elevate The Cerner User Experience

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