Consultant Development Program

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Hospitals receive first-time, certified consultants who have been mentored and coached by Stoltenberg's experienced team of healthcare IT consultants. The Consultant Development Program's healthcare IT training focuses on project management principles, hospital workflow, clinical transformation and industry standards training tools, and they have received vendor-specific education and technology training in a controlled setting. As a result, our hospital technology consultants are appropriately prepared and well-rounded, and able to take on a variety of projects.

Program Benefits

Well Rounded Info

The Consultant Development Program presents a "win-win" situation for the hospital as well as the Consultant I member:

  • Hospital teams benefit from an eager consultant whose extensive hands-on healthcare IT training provides the ability to quickly get up to speed on current projects and the flexibility to work easily and comfortably with a variety of situations and teams. Once the one-year contract is completed, hospitals have the option to hire the consultant permanently, allowing them the unique opportunity to "try before they buy." Some restrictions apply. Contact our office for more information.
  • The Consultant I member receives extensive training and is then given access to experienced professionals, resources and hospital IT consulting programs that typically are not made available to first-year hospital technology consultants.

"As consultants, we fully understand the obstacles that healthcare professionals are facing and are always exploring ways to optimize our resources and expertise to help during their time of transition. With new industry, and government-mandated, standards come challenges and setbacks, and the Stoltenberg team is prepared to work with all types of facilities - small or large - to help them to achieve these standards with a team of well-qualified, expertly trained consultants."
- Sheri Stoltenberg