Stoltenberg offers technology consulting in healthcare, and we are very proud to rely on each of our current and past clients to vouch for the high quality of our work and verify our hospital IT consultant successes. Included below is just a sampling of our many clients, of all sizes and complexity, across the country.  We would be happy to arrange for you to speak with them.

"Stoltenberg Consulting seems to be able to deliver high-quality, knowledgeable, and experienced analysts. They outperform the consultants from the software vendor that I am working with at the moment. Stoltenberg Consulting treats us like a real partner, regardless of whether we are doing strategic work or just outsourcing. Their services come at a good price, and they provide high productivity. For someone like me, they hit the mark perfectly. I am not sure what else they could do to be any better."

- Executive, September 2016
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"We engaged Stoltenberg Consulting to help us with our system implementation issues. I brought in somebody who was considered to be an encyclopedia. She truly knew the ins and outs of the results of specific actions. Then I brought in a project manager and implementer, and she did a fantastic job. She got us back on track and reviewed every master file and every setup. She found when we had two or three consultants working and doing things differently, we found where those would all need to come together, and she was able to do make that happen. She went back and started all over, file by file, process by process, workflow by workflow, form by form, and got it all straightened out. She corrected what had been implemented incorrectly."

- Executive, June 2016
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"I just wanted to thank Stoltenberg Consulting for our provided resource. She specifically has brought experience, knowledge and professionalism I wish I could replicate. She helped set us up for success with our clinicals go-live and pharmacy re-build, while helping with our new informatics staff. I also appreciate Stoltenberg management's efforts to get Fairchild Medical Center quality staff at a reasonable rate. Stoltenberg Consulting has been responsive to our requests and I so much appreciate its timeliness."

Fairchild Medical Center, June 2016

"Stoltenberg exceeded industry standards when it assisted WCA to go live with a diverse array of HIT products within a tight timeframe. Our ability to attest to meaningful use and rapidly move from HIMSS Stage 1 to Stage 7 is a tribute to Stoltenberg's tenacity and HIT implementation savvy."

Keith Robison, CIO, UPMC Chautauqua WCA

"Stoltenberg Consulting provided excellent Soarian Financial Subject Matter Experts to Reid Hospital & Health Care Services that we have engaged to review our Soarian Financials configurations, decisions, and to provide knowledge transfer to some new staff. The experience and professionalism of these two individuals has exceeded my expectation. We have realized significant improvements since their engagements and look forward to their continue assistance until we have transitioned completely to our internal team."

Tim Love, Director of IS, Reid Hospital & Healthcare Services

"I have always had a great relationship with Stoltenberg Consulting and had great service from them. I have worked with them for a number of years on a range of systems. I have worked with them on MEDITECH and Siemens systems. They do all of the integration between systems."

- Manager, March 2015
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"Stoltenberg Consulting's admin team is really good at coordinating where people need to be and when they need to be there. Stoltenberg Consulting is really a great firm. They have real talent, and the management is fantastic. If something ever happened with my current job, Stoltenberg Consulting is probably the first place I would go to look for a new one. They are absolutely one of the best companies. Some of the other resource firms we have used just don't get it. If there is any dissatisfaction or we have any issues, it is very easy to reach out and get help and answers from anyone from the admin group up to the owner. The executives are very much aware of what is going on with each customer and with making sure that quality is provided. None of the encounters I have had with Stoltenberg Consulting have ever had any issues. If we needed help with a new implementation or any of our projects, Stoltenberg Consulting is one of the first firms I would reach out to."

- Analyst/Coordinator, February 2015
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"One thing that sets Stoltenberg Consulting apart when it comes to staff augmentation is their team's flexibility. We have found that one of the most useful things their resources can do is serve as mentors to our new full-time staff. That takes the burden of training off us in many ways."

- Manager, October 2014
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