Increase Productivity for IT Staff
and Clinicians
Increase Productivity for IT
Staff and Clinicians

See Direct EHR End-User Feedback

End-User Feedback

At Stoltenberg, we're only satisfied when our clients are happy and have gained added value from our hospital IT services. We know that within this competitive industry, hospitals are faced with numerous consulting providers. So we take our reputation and feedback from clients very seriously. Across our clinical, financial and Tier 1+ Service Desk Line, we want our clients and their end users to gain knowledge to improve provider decision making and ease of patient care. That’s why feedback like this is so important.

"Just wanted to acknowledge all the hard work, planning and execution you performed for the clinicals upgrade. I’ve been in radiology for almost 30 years and have to tell you that I’m super impressed with the attention to detail you put into the upgrade planning. From the start when the testing began, through the planning weekly conference calls, to the execution of the upgrade last night, you’ve put your heart into ensuring that all bases were covered, that everyone possible was notified, and that every possible scenario was thought out to the fullest degree.

You honestly worked your tail off and it shows. You coordinated so many intricate details and left nothing to chance. Through it all, you were cheerful, polite, open to questions and concerns, and you really made everyone feel that no question was too stupid to ask. Bottom line – you rocked it out."

- Direct feedback to one of our radiology consultants

"I worked clinically yesterday submitting a few help desk tickets, and I just have to tell you that the Stoltenberg Epic service line worked very well. (And you know how much it takes to impress me). They let me tell them the issue before asking me questions. They looked at my screen and took screenshots, which is a totally different experience than the regular help desk. Kudos. It’s totally worthwhile for their service. No joke. They even took multiple tickets on one call- a very efficient process on this end."

- Direct feedback from a client physician on our Epic help desk services

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