Fluidly Adjusting IT for Evolving COVID-19 Demands

Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) Case Study

During the constantly-changing COVID-19 response, hospitals are struggling in knowing how to keep up with IT demand without draining already limited resources. Throughout the pandemic, Cambridge Health Alliance, based in Cambridge Massachusetts, has turned to its partnership with Stoltenberg Consulting for flexible health IT support and vendor transparency through the FlexSourcing program.

Since August 2019, Stoltenberg has led Cambridge Health Alliance’s Epic Tier 1+ service desk support across all health system facilities and hospitals acting as a clinically consultative IT help desk. When COVID-19 emerged in March 2020, Stoltenberg immediately ramped up to step in on the desktop support side, adding remote desktop user set up and maintenance in addition to taking all Epic end-user tickets. This added layer of support streamlined the rapid remote work transition across the health system to maintain effective operations. Stoltenberg continued to support these combined efforts for CHA as the health system’s patient community was hit hard by COVID-19. Cambridge Health Alliance’s internal IT team shifted to crisis command build out, data coordination from COVID-19 testing sites, and fortifying telehealth enablement. Remaining as a constant, 24/7 resource, Stoltenberg’s quick absorption of desktop and remote access support freed internal teams up for these emergency response critical IT initiatives. Now, Stoltenberg has shifted to stepping in to help strategize the post-COVID-19 era, holding direct meetings with CHA executives on aspects like tips for CARES Act funding. This support flexibility and on-demand ramp up is all seamlessly possible within the established FlexSourcing partnership.

"When COVID-19 came, we turned a large workforce into a remote group overnight. We soon realized that we needed help with assisting those calling in for IT support, and Stoltenberg Consulting helped us with that extra volume very quickly. Working with the vendor has been an exceptional experience. We could call and train the staff members in a short time frame. We have had a great experience with the vendor. Stoltenberg Consulting has been supportive through COVID-19. We are continually jockeying back and forth. We are continually flipping and changing the build. The vendor has completely adjusted to our pace.

What allows Stoltenberg Consulting to quickly jump in and help customers is their flexibility and knowledge base. When I ask for something on short notice, the vendor knows how to do it because they just did it for another customer. We just have to send them our specific information. I could add a module here or there. Stoltenberg Consulting has individuals who know our enterprise vendor and their products. Stoltenberg Consulting has built a good foundation over time. Even the CEO gets on the phone calls and asks what we want them to do."

—CISO, April 2020

Quote collected by KLAS research

This serves as just one example of on-demand, immediate remote health IT service support flexibility delivered to our network of health system clients across the country. We're readily available and here to help, no matter your organization size, budget or timeframe.

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