A Letter from Our CEO
Immediate Remote Support During The Crisis

During this incredibly difficult time in the healthcare industry, I want you to know that my team and I are dedicated to serving the industry, our clients, and their selfless teams of clinicians. Reflecting on the blessings bestowed upon myself and my organization, a feeling of compassion for others and a desire to assist in any way possible continues to drive myself and my team during this critical time.

As many of you know, Stoltenberg has a completely remote, fully U.S.-based Service Desk that provides Tier 1-3 IT support for both EHR and technical services. Because of this, we are in the unique position to help to any organization that is experiencing difficulties setting up remote end-user access, needs overflow support, or seeks virtual training and/or issue resolution.

Our thought processes have focused on how we can aid the providers, clinicians, staff, and patient communities during this critical time in order to facilitate timely support and efficiencies. Below are some of the services we are offering our clients who need immediate support:

  • End-user remote access support/set-up
    • Now that many employees need to work from home, they do not know how to establish remote access or need a little support. This is overwhelming IT departments
  • 100% virtual training solutions for providers and end users
  • Scheduling and patient inquiry assistance for COVID-19 tests/appointments
    • We have significant bandwidth to handle if needed, with the staff who understand how to manage and interact with patients and the patient portal
  • Establish and staff a command center that tracks patients and staff and includes secure messaging and updates that are critical to the organization, patient care, and the community
  • Building infection alerts and letter templates
  • Through our analytics dashboards and reporting, we can set up tracking mechanisms that give you immediate access to information collected and set up specific data elements that you need to collect, so your organization's management can make informed decisions

Please feel free to email me directly at: Sheri@Stoltenberg.com or connect with a member of my management team if you have a specific need or suggestion of others ways you need help. We will most certainly be at your service. I wish you the best during this trying time.

Together, we will get through this.

Sheri Stoltenberg
President and CEO
Stoltenberg Consulting Inc.