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Throwing it Back to 1995 in Honor of Stoltenberg's 20 Years

As Stoltenberg Consulting continues its 20th anniversary celebration, we thought we'd have a little fun looking back to 1995- the year that Sheri Stoltenberg, founder and CEO of Stoltenberg Consulting, Inc., started it all.

Throwback to 1995 when:

  1. The cost of a gallon of regular gas was $1.15.
  2. Starbuck's Frappuccino was released in 1995. We're sure a lot of Starbuck's has helped our consultants through some tough project and go-lives.
  3. The George Forman Lean Mean Grilling Machine was released.
  4. The World Series champions were the Atlanta Braves.
  5. The Super Bowl XXIX champs were the San Francisco 49ers.
  6. The first ever full-length computer animated feature film Toy Story was released.
  7. HTML 2.0, the first formal HTML standard, is published.
  8. Netscape released Javascript, an object-oriented script language.
  9. Amazon.com sold its first book in July of 1995.
  10. Ebay launched.
  11. Windows 95 was released.
  12. DVDs were first distributed in Japan.

As we move forward today, Stoltenberg has grown over the past two decades to a consultant base of more than 120 resources with an average of 15 years of direct, onsite experience and vendor certifications in Cerner, Siemens, Epic, Meditech, NextGen, Allscripts, Zynx and McKesson. The first has served over 250 healthcare organizations throughout the country and has expanded services to Stoltenberg's unique offerings, like the Consultant Development Program, the 3x Best in KLAS Help Desk Service Line, financial and clinical optimization, and BI and healthcare data analytics capabilities with Deerwalk, Infor, and Qlik partnerships.

Members of the Stoltenberg team continue to celebrate the anniversary, sharing personal thoughts on the company's 20 years of service:

"It has been great to be part of the Stoltenberg family for the last eight years. It is a great feeling to know you work for such a wonderful company that treats you as a family member instead of a number."
-Deb, EpicCare Ambulatory Manager

"Sheri Stoltenberg founded this company because she saw the need for a consulting firm that worked differently. If a customer needs a customized solution, be flexible and work with them to create it. If a customer needs standardization, use your industry experience and background and deliver it. Her guiding philosophy was simple: Always do what's right for the customer, and don't just meet their expectations- exceed them! Those principles will continue to set Stoltenberg apart from other firms, and I'm proud to work for a company that is passionate about what it does and delivers what it promises."
-Joncé Smith, VP Revenue Management

"It's wonderful to be part of an organization that is so well respected in the industry. Wherever I go for client work, Stoltenberg is well respected raising high expectations of me. It's an honor to be part of that."
-Carole, Senior Healthcare System Consultant

"Over the past year that I've been with Stoltenberg, I have become very aware of the importance this company places on excellence, whether it is from the resources we sell or the staff managing those resources. The fact that we have been around and thriving for 20 years means that our clients value us and our services. They see something in us that sets us apart from the rest. I am proud to be a member of the Stoltenberg team and am excited to see the company continue to grow and prosper in the years to come."
-Christen, Strategic Account Manager

Strategize Your IT Roadmap

Strategize Your IT Roadmap

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