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Consultant Development Program Offers 25% Cost Savings

At Stoltenberg Consulting, we're excited to celebrate the growth of our unique health IT education initiative the Consultant Development Program. To date, 13 consultants have graduated from the program designed to provide hospitals with first-time certified consultants to alleviate the HIT staffing shortage plaguing the industry. The program continues to deliver cost-effective results to hospital customers with over 25 percent increase in cost savings on IT projects.

"I started this program with minimal experience, but by the end, I had gained certain insights in health IT I may have otherwise only learned through multiple years in the industry," a recent program graduate said. "From formal vendor training for multiple certifications, to my time taking calls for a university healthcare system with the Stoltenberg Help Desk Service Line, the program greatly prepared me for working and genuinely helping end-users."

Consultant Development Program graduates gained considerable experience through direct involvement in implementation and optimization projects in hospitals around the country, allowing them to establish expertise in clinical, ambulatory, document management and financial areas. Overall, the Consultant I's spent more than 2,000 hours in training for projects, nearly 9,000 hours on projects and over 15,000 hours serving the hospital IT help desk service line from Stoltenberg, over the two-year program.

Previous graduates of the Consultant Development Program have become fully active team members, and in some cases, team leads on IT projects within hospitals across the country. Mentoring provided by senior consultants have allowed the Consultant I's to far exceed expectations normally set for young HIT professionals.

To learn more about the Consultant Development Program, please click here.