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MEDITECH's 6.0 platform serves as a innovation in healthcare technology. Stoltenberg's Meditech consulting services combine an ease of access to information with high-performance and high reliability, providing end users a powerful resource toward delivering quality care. Built around each user's workflow, MEDITECH 6.0's design supports end users during decision processes. Our healthcare IT consultants average over 15 years of experience in health IT, so we understand the interdependencies of cross application workflows and functionality. Stoltenberg Consulting was recognized as Category Leader in IT Staff Augmentation services for both the 2012 and 2013 Best in KLAS Awards Report. We continue to strive to align consultant placements based on prior hospital experience and detail-oriented professionalism to ensure the success of our clients' project efforts.

Solutions for Physicians and Nurses

  • Emergency Department
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Surgical Services
  • Patient Care and Patient Safety
  • Physician Care Manager

Solutions for Clinical Staff

  • Anatomical Pathology
  • Blood Bank
  • Imaging and Therapeutic Services
  • Laboratory and Microbiology
  • Oncology Management
  • Pharmacy

Solutions for Management Staff

  • Health Information Management
  • Scanning and Archiving
  • Scheduling and Referral Management

Solutions for Executives

  • Corporate Management Software
  • Cost Accounting
  • Data Repository
  • General Accounting
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Report Designer
  • Patient Accounting
  • Supply Chain Management

Solutions for Patients

  • Patient Discharge Instructions Integration
  • Patient Education
  • Patient and Consumer Health Portal

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