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Help Desk

Stoltenberg's Help Desk Service Line provides Tier 1 and optional Tier 2 and Tier 3 support for clients. With the capability to shadow an end user, our IT hospital help desk service team has the ability to provide
one-on-one support supplementing client training for proper application use or provide first call resolution of 75% or more of Tier 1 issues.

Through our monitoring services, for interfaces, job scheduler, error queues and more, we are consistently able to initiate a vendor support ticket or escalation to Tier 2 resources prior to the client or end users experiencing any related issues.

Find out more about how our Help Desk Service Line helps to maximize efficiency.

Helpdesk Service Line

Help Desk Delivers

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Support

  • 75% Tier 1 First Call Resolution

  • 3% or Less Abandoned Call Rate

  • Deep Training & Knowledge in Contracted Systems

  • Ability To Shadow User Allowing One-on-One User Training & Faster Issue Resolution

  • Monitoring Services For Interfaces, Job Scheduler, Job Queues & More

  • System Specific Training & Support

  • Optional Full Application Portfolio Support

  • Optional Tier 2 & Tier 3 Support

  • Daily, Weekly & Quarterly Management Reports

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Guarantee Against Off Shoring Help Desk Calls

Have you ever had a need for a concierge help desk or hotline? This approach can be used for needs such as rolling out CPOE to your physician user group or for specific applications such as Radiology and PACS. Contact Stoltenberg to see how easily we can set up our concierge service for you.

Our Help Desk Service Line ties directly to our client satisfaction as shown in the 2014 Best in KLAS: Software & Services report. Stoltenberg is named Best in KLAS for IT Outsourcing (Partial) with a 90.9 out of 100 percent.

Best in KLAS 2014 - IT Outsourcing Partial "2014 Best in KLAS: Software & Services," January 2015. © 2015 KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.

"Outsourcing is always tough, but we must make good business decisions. We needed to drive value and reduce expense. We partnered with Stoltenberg Consulting. We improved our quality and dramatically increased value for our clinical users. Stoltenberg Consulting's help desk has been very cost effective. It was difficult because we were eliminating people and outsourcing a core competency, but we are better off today than we used to be." - CIO

Collected about IT Outsourcing (Partial) by KLAS in April 2014
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"Stoltenberg Consulting's help desk is actually clinical. They have analysts who know our clinical applications. When nurses or doctors call and are having problems, Stoltenberg Consulting's people know the application. If Stoltenberg Consulting has some downtime and I have simple work that needs to be done, they will do that work for next to nothing. We get a junior-consulting rate, which is wonderful. A junior consultant isn't going to lead a project but can certainly help with reports and maybe building some order sets. That is nice. I keep getting calls from one of Stoltenberg Consulting's competitors. We have used that competitor before, but we don't want to use them anymore. I never like to keep all my eggs in one basket. I don't have all of them in one basket, but I have a lot of them in Stoltenberg Consulting's basket right now because they are knocking it out of the park." - CIO

Collected about IT Outsourcing (Partial) by KLAS in April 2014
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"We continue to engage Stoltenberg Consulting for help desk support, and they do an excellent job. I really appreciate the way they work with their clients. They are very flexible and always over deliver on their promises. For example, we negotiated a discounted fee for hours if we had so many hours in a month. If we hit the threshold, we receive a significant discount. What I really appreciate is that even though we haven't hit the threshold lately, they continue to give us the discount on all their support hours." - Director

Collected about IT Outsourcing (Partial) by KLAS in April 2014
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* The above selected commentary may not represent the whole of provider sentiment related to this product or service. Visit for a complete view. Collected about IT Outsourcing (Partial), by KLAS in April 2014 © KLAS Enterprises, LLC. All rights reserved.
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