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Meaningful Use

Stoltenberg health IT consultants understand the challenges and complexities both you and your vendors face. We can help you develop an overall Meaningful Use (MU) strategy as well as key steps that you need to successfully complete to ensure that you pass the certification process and achieve meaningful use.

Our knowledge of leading software vendors and their products as well as hospital operations gives us the ability to craft a plan that will effectively coordinate hospital and vendor resources and manage these resources efficiently.

Stoltenberg recognizes that meeting Meaningful Use requirements may pose a daunting challenge to many provider organizations within the timeframe allowed. Whatever the size or complexity of your organization, Stoltenberg is ready to become a trusted partner to guide you through all the steps to achieve Meaningful Use.

  • Assess current environment
  • Identify stakeholders
  • Develop strategic plan
  • Select system that is federally certified for MU
  • Negotiate contract
  • Lead clinical transformation
  • Perform system implementation
  • Conduct training
  • Provide live support

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